Videotest for the breasts and shoulders.

Almost Perfect!

I've become tired of remodeling the same shitty head over and over again, so I've sent it straight to hell and made a new one.

Yep, I like this one much better. It does not look pretty now, but blame default material for this. It has special adjustments for the lag spotting during modeling. But all this problems will be solved when I put some textures on it.

p.s. I took the nose from the old model. It does not match much, but it is better then nothing. I will remodel it later.


3D Head fail

Actually i don't like this head at all. Damn, it's ugly. A-a-an i have o idea how to fix it. I think i must delete this one and start modeling head from the begining, but with other proportions.

Sad news, but I OK with such delete-and-start-again things.


Lower body

Making lower body today: stomach, buttocks, hips.
(Whell... It's look the same shaped as yesterday, but now it's contains right topology)

My very first 3D character

Working on my very first 3D model (using 3D Blender only).
A-a-and i find it pretty hard. I have no any problems with modeling character's body (except elbows and knees). But making 3D head is really painfull and always looking like pice of a dirt in the end. Human eyes and lips on the long-snout head pissing me off! And a human neck too...

This night i paid some attention to the shoulders (+blades), collarbones and breasts.